Retail Counter Lite

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    The Retail Counter Lite is a simple and compact solution to count people and detect the direction of movement.

    Its optimal use is as a door counter for visitors.
    The device includes a Web UI where it is possible to set the max number of occupants in any given place and analyse in real time the total number of current occupants.
    It is also possible to connect a “traffic light” that changes color to red when max capacity is reached.
    It uses LiDAR Sensors for detection. That means no cameras, so no privacy issues.
    The Retail Counter Lite connects to the local Wi-Fi network.- counts person passing in both directions


    • Precise direction detection using two LIDAR sensors
    • Safe, reliable optical technology (no laser, eye safe, invisible)
    • Easy to interface with higher level software
    • Low power, 5V only power supply needed, max 5W consumption when powered through USB
    • Optionally can be powered by a conventional Barrel Jack with input: 7.5 to 24Vdc , 0.5A

    Technical Description:

    • Connect with servers via IoT protocols (MQTT/HTTP)
    • Able to report when full capacity is reached (programmable)
    • Able to control a traffic light lamp (Green and Red)
    • Real-time smartphone interface – No app required