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    The MDB-USB Ultra by Qibixx is the newest version of our MDB to USB converter product line. It connects the vending machine controller (VMC) to Multi Drop Bus controlled devices and works driverless on Linux, Mac and Windows.

    Like the other versions on the MDB-USB product line, it also features Master (VMC) and Slave (Peripheral) functions making it possible to fit cashless payment systems to your vending machine or sniffing the MDB Bus to get data and telemetry.

    The MDB interface can be configured to work as a Slave (Peripheral) or a Master (VMC) on the MDB bus. This means that the interface can be used to implement custom MDB payment peripherals such as a custom Cashless Payment Devices, or for developing custom Master/VMC (Vending Machine Controller). In addition, the device is also capable of “listening” to all messages that flow in the bus, without interfering, i.e. Sniffing the bus. All these functionalities can be controlled by software running on the host computer.

    There is also the possibility of using the device in “Stand-alone” mode to request payment from a connected cashless device, and activate a relay for a configurable amount of time (e.g. open electronic doors).



    • USB 2.0 Interface;
    • Dual MDB Connectors with Master and Slave functions;
    • 2 Relay Outputs controllable via Auto Mode;
    • USB-A Socket and screw terminal connector with 5V Power Output, converted from MDB power, max 3A;
    • RS-232 Interface (for special applications);
    • I/O For Auto Mode

    The Standard version ISOlates MDB from USB. You can connect power externally for stand-alone use. If you need the device only for Auto Mode or RS232 Interface you can order the Stand-alone version which has an internal power connection.

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